Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update - 14 June 2012

Gilt decorated tea cup
After a damp beginning, we have had a productive two days of fieldwork!  Over the past two days we have expanded the grid and laid out three additional units adjacent to Test Unit 1 from last year.  We have focused on excavating Test Unit 3 to the east of Unit 1.  A lot of brick and mortar fragments were excavated from Unit 3; these materials are likely associated with the demolition of the buildings in the back lots during the mid-20th century.  Many artifacts have been recovered from the unit including glass (bottle glass and window glass), metal (nails, grate, unidentifiable metal), button (bone), ceramic (redware, yelloware, whiteware, tin glaze), animal bone, and much more.  Several fragments of a tea cup with gilt decoration were recovered from one of the strata.  On the inside of the tea cup was a floral polychrome transfer print design. 

Inside of tea cup with floral design

This morning, we also recovered an intact 19th century bottle with stopper from Unit 3.  The bottle was made by Acme Bottling Company of Philadelphia.  Once these artifacts are cleaned and cataloged, more in-depth analysis will be preformed. 

The highlight of the day was when Dr. David Orr came out to the site.  Dr. Orr was delighted to see the progress we have made.  Tomorrow will hopefully be another promising day for archaeology!

Dr. David Orr talking to fellow Temple Graduate Student Matt Kalos

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