Monday, February 3, 2014

Artifact Processing Recommences

Scheduling lab days has proven difficult this winter, but artifact processing is back underway!  We have begun to get the artifacts from the 2013 field season washed, sorted, cataloged, and rebagged.

Volunteers Gail & Gen back in lab and hard at work
Check back soon for more updates from processing.  The Volunteer Opportunities section will have the most up-to-date information about days and times for processing.

Society for Historical Archaeology’s John L. Cotter Award

I am excited to report that I received the John L. Cotter Award from the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA).  I accepted the award at the Society’s annual conference in Quebec City, Canada last month.  I received the award “For the Elfreth’s Alley Archaeology project, where her efforts in the field and in the laboratory have enriched public archaeology in Philadelphia and provided the public with a positive, interactive view of historical archaeology and its role in public discourse.”  More details about the award are available on SHA’s website.

(Photo Credit: Dr. Christopher P. Barton)

Accepting the award (Photo Credit: Jess Barton)

I am truly honored to have received this prestigious award and hope to follow in the impressive footsteps of the historical archaeologists who have received the award before.  A special thanks to Wendy Miervaldis who has volunteered with me at Elfreth’s Alley for the past two years and who thoughtfully nominated me for the award!  None of it would have been possible without her dedication and support!

Photo Opportunity with Wendy & Dr. David Orr, my advisor at Temple University (Photo Credit: Jess Barton)
I am so happy that I have gotten involved in public archaeology - it has become my passion and allows be to combine my love of archaeological research, teaching, and community outreach. Working with the public and volunteers has been one of the most rewarding parts of my project. I am ever indebted to my volunteers for their impact on my research and my life. I am thrilled about the award and the good things to come! Thank you again to all!