Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prepping for Fete Day!

Today we went to the Alley to open up one of the excavation units from testing last summer.  When we closed the site last year, we lined the bottom of the units with plastic sheeting to separate the back dirt from intact and undisturbed areas.  We opened the unit behind 124 Elfreth's Alley this morning in preparation for Fete Day next weekend!  Fete Day is an annual open house at the Alley where you can tour the historic homes.  Archaeologists will be on hand at the event to discuss the excavation this summer and to showcase a few artifacts recovered last summer.  Check here for more information about Fete Day and tickets to the event.  Below are a few pictures from today.

The patio at 124 Elfreth's Alley before.
The patio at 124 Elfreth's Alley after.

All covered up.

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