Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Science on Tap!

How does Elfreth's Alley Historic Site relate to science?  Find out at the special format Science on Tap: Show-and-Tell event on August 11th held at National Mechanics at 6pm.  Here, I and other representatives from Philadelphia area museums will present a specific object or idea from our institution that relates directly to science.

Science on Tap (SOT) is a program sponsored and organized by the Academy of Natural Sciences, the American Philosophical Society Museum, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the Wagner Free Institute of Science.  As described on SOT's website, "Science on Tap is a monthly gathering in Philadelphia that features public discussion on engaging science topics."  Note that to attend the event you must at least 21 years of age or accompanied by a chaperone 25 years or older.

Science on Tap: Show-and-Tell event 

When: Monday August, 11th at 6pm
National Mechanics
             22 South Third St.
             Philadelphia 19106

More info: http://scienceontapphilly.com

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  1. A typo in a headline? And it's the name of the program you're promoting? How did "Scicene" even get through spellcheck?