Monday, April 22, 2013

Science Carnival Recap

We had a blast at the Philadelphia Science Carnival this past weekend!  We spent the day talking to kids about what it takes to be an archaeologist and how to analyze artifacts.  Budding archaeologists had the opportunity to examine artifacts and record the characteristics of the objects including sketching the artifact.  Based on their observations, participants were then asked to determine what they knew about the people who made and used the artifact.  The kids were really perceptive and creative in their deductions!  We were kept busy all say long as kids of all ages visited out tent.

A big thanks to Michele, Matt, Katie, and Jesse for helping make the event a success! Check out picture of the carnival below.

The Franklin Institute decked out in Science Festival swag.

Deirdre talking to kids about being an archaeologist.

Michele and Deirdre analyzing artifacts with the kids.

Matt, Jesse, and Katie overseeing the budding archaeologists

For more pictures of Elfreth's Alley Archaeology at the Science Carnival, check out the Museum of Elfreth's Alley blog post.

The Science Carnival was just one event in the larger Philadelphia Science Festival.  The Festival continues all week and has events for all age ranges.  The Science Festival website lists the coming events.

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