Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update - 5 July 2012

Happy belated 4th of July!!  It has been a hectic week with the holiday and short schedule. 

Just want to quickly highlight two artifacts we recovered from Unit 7 at the end of last week.  We unearthed two matching cast iron furniture feet.  These feet have a ball and claw decoration and are quite hefty.  

First Foot Uncovered
Second Foot in situ or in place.

The feet may have been part of a furnace or  kitchen stove, similar to the stove in the picture below.   (Similar types of feet were also placed on bathtubs.)  Historical documentation indicates that different kitchen additions were built (then torn down) in the back lots of 124/126 throughout the history of the properties.  Perhaps these feet are associated withed a kitchen stove that once stood in one of the back kitchen additions.

Note the shape of the cast iron feet.

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